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June 2012
Río de Janeiro, Brazil

UNITAR and the Network of International Training Centers for Local Actors – the CIFAL Network – have joined The Future We Want global conversation with the Green Dreams Around the World initiative.  Green Dreams are giving voice to dreams of thousands of individuals as a contribution to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – “Rio+20” – taking place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in June 2012.

From the very beginning of the first Earth Summit in 1992, people realised that sustainable development could not be achieved by governments alone. Now more than ever, the urgent sustainability agenda requires the active participation of all sectors of society and communities of interest. The Green Dream campaign is rooted in the power of our dreams to invoke a future that is worth creating, a sustainable future that draws forth the deepest potentials of all citizens of the world.

Dreams of 20 seconds to 1 minute are recorded with smart phones or cameras and uploaded in a Youtube Channel and website. They are organised in 14 thematic areas and compose a virtual gallery of dreams. The intersection of green dreams will converge in networks formed from people who share the same vision of the future.

A Green Dream can be a vision of tomorrow’s reality and is based on the power of imagining a sustainable world. Perhaps your green dream is about yourself, your community, village, town, city, neighborhood, country… or even for the future of life on this planet… It can be related to the place where you live, to food, transport, energy, education, housing, arts, etc. It can be about a zero waste society or reforesting the planet; it can be about strengthening the local economy and growing opportunities for low-carbon jobs; it can be related to creative local responses to global challenges of climate-change and shrinking supplies of fossil fuels.

But your green dream can also go beyond ecological considerations. You can dream of living in more just world, or ways of strengthening communities resilience, you can dream of more leisure options for the elderly and true contentment for young people… It is your dream, play with it now and post it at ! Upload your Green Dream in Portuguese at

Partner Organizations

The campaign is the flagship of the CIFAL Network- the United Nations ‘Network of International Training Centers for Local Actors’, composed of 9 Training Centers covering Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Inspired by the project “Dream: IN” implemented in India, the Green Dreams Campaign was launched during the Innovative Cities Conference in May 2011 by CIFAL Curitiba and the Federation of Industries of Parana. CIFAL Findhorn recently launched the campaign in the UK where “Dream Catchers” are emerging in the main cities and universities.  CIFAL Atlanta is leading the UN campaign in the Americas.  To get involved and for more information, contact us at

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