Social Development and Quality of Life

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) call countries to join forces to achieve universal primary education, to fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and to promote gender equality.

Under this framework, CIFAL Atlanta provides training and capacity development in the following areas:

Education Initiative
There is powerful evidence that technology can make a difference for both the effectiveness and efficiency of all facets of education and learning. Learning technologies are absolutely necessary components of any effective educational policy. Through this program CIFAL Atlanta supports local government’s efforts in advancing its education systems through the use of innovative technologies.

HIV/AIDS Management 
The City AIDS Program is a global initiative that tackles the increased role of local government authorities to prevent more infections and improve the quality of life of those infected with and affected by HIV. It brings together senior municipal officials, representatives of NGOs, and persons living with HIV to exchange knowledge and strategies on how to better respond to HIV in their cities.

Gender Equality
The Global Leadership Initiative on Gender Equality in Cities is a comprehensive gender equality best practice sharing forum for government authorities and civil society leaders. Select groups of high-ranking government officials from cities across the globe gather together with members of NGOs, academia and the private sector to exchange best practices on integrating gender into public policy formulation at the government level.