Economic Development and Public-Private Partnerships

CIFAL Atlanta aims to facilitate the creation of public-private partnerships, locally and internationally, to promote economic growth and development. Throughout the year CIFAL Atlanta works with national governments, municipalities, the private sector, academic institutions, international organizations, and civil society on important programs and initiatives that help tackle global challenges.

CIFAL Atlanta’s training activities on economic development currently focus around the following thematic areas:

The Americas Competitiveness Forum (ACF) is the Western Hemisphere’s preeminent event for government and business leaders to discuss innovative methods to improve economic competitiveness. It provides an ideal venue for corporations to learn about new trade and investment opportunities in the Americas. At ACF leaders discuss key drivers of competitiveness: Innovation, education, trade facilitation and logistics, renewable energy and business Climate.

Airports and Economic Development 
This program provided government officials and airport leadership from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East with training and innovative strategies to best leverage their local resources, infrastructure, and airport operations to spur long-term economic development in their respective regions.