CIFAL Atlanta supports El Salvador’s efforts to strengthen its aeronautic sector

Dec 6, 2012

On December 6 El Salvador’s Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investment (PROESA) held the 2012 Aviation Forum titled “El Salvador: A Rising Option in Aeronautics”. The forum welcomed government officials, international companies and academic institutions from the U.S., Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.

His Excellency Mr. Mauricio Funes, President of the Republic of El Salvador, inaugurated the Forum and stressed the importance his administration is placing on the aeronautics sector as a key driver for economic development and as a main pillar of their investment strategy. He took the opportunity to envision his country as a regional hub specialized in aeronautical services. In his remarks he expressed, “For my government this forum has a fundamental importance as it was conceived as a start-up point of a medium to long-term process, which will allow El Salvador to become a regional center specialized in aeronautical services.”

In the framework of the forum, CIFAL Atlanta in collaboration with PROESA and with the support of SITA and the Atlanta International Airport hosted its training seminar titled “Airports and Economic Development”, bringing together senior government officials, civil aviation authorities and private sector representatives from Central America and the Caribbean for a two-day exchange of best practices.

In addition, CIFAL Atlanta’s President and CEO, Estrella Merlos, and the President of the Board of PROESA, Alexander Segovia, signed a cooperation agreement during the forum which aims to support the development of the aeronautics sector in El Salvador.

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