Vision, Mission, Goals

Our Vision
To become one of the best resources for government authorities and civil society leaders in developing solutions that improve the quality of life of their constituents.

Our Mission

To provide government authorities and civil society leaders of countries in the Western Hemisphere with a forum to exchange strategies, tools and best practices in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Our Goals

To appeal to a significant percentage of government authorities and civil society leaders of large urban areas in the Western Hemisphere. Maintain the highest standards of quality for our training programs measured by participant satisfaction surveys.

Translate learning into follow-up actions that will foster best practices sharing and enhance curriculum.

Provide individual evaluation and access to the best sources of knowledge and experience available in each area of training to participants.

Attract financial support from international organizations, foundations, and the private sector.

Develop and maintain a strong cooperation with UNITAR, other UN agencies, the CIFAL Centers network, academia and multilateral organizations to develop worldwide expertise to support participants.

Abide by the principles of the United Nations and the UNITAR guidelines applicable to CIFAL Centers including its methodologies.